ATMA OFFICE JAMUI & District Agriculture Office Jamui


1.Background and Strategy: 1.1 SMAE: Erstwhile Sub-Mission on Agricultural Extension (SMAE) was being implemented under Nation Mission on Agricultural Extension & Technology (NMAET) w.e.f. 2014-15. Now SMAE has been subsumed as sub-scheme of Umbrella Scheme- Green Revolution Krishonnati Yojana from 2017-18.

Restructuring and strengthening of agricultural extension machinery has to be a judicious mix of extensive physical outreach of personnel, enhancement in quality through domain experts & regular capacity building, interactive methods of information dissemination, Public Private Partnership, pervasive & innovative use of Information & Communication Technology (ICT) / Mass Media, Federation of groups and convergence of extension related efforts under various schemes and programmes of Government of India and the State Governments. The objective of this Sub-Mission is to appropriately strengthen, expand and up-scale existing Extension & Information Technology (IT) Schemes.

The on-going Extension Schemes include the Central Sector and Centrally Sponsored Schemes being implemented by the Extension Division/Directorate of Extension. Even in the case of Central Sector Schemes which are proposed to be subsumed within the Mission, a greater role has been envisaged for the States through their active.

ATMA GUIDELINES, 2018 under Krishonnati Yojana Page 2 involvement in planning, implementation and monitoring. The continuation of SMAE beyond 12th Plan period includes the following components:-

A. Centrally Sponsored Schemes 1. Support to State Extension Program for Extension Reforms.

B. Central Sector Schemes

1. Mass Media Support to Agricultural Extension

2. Agri Clinics &Agri Business Centres (ACABC)

3. Extension Support to Central Institutes

4. Strengthening/Promoting Agricultural Information System including Kisan Call Centers (KCC)


2.Support To State Extension Programs For Extension Reforms (ATMA Scheme)

2.1. INTRODUCTION: Extension Reforms in India were pilot tested in 28 Districts in 7 States from 1998 to 2005.

This successful experiment served as a basis to launch the Scheme “Support to State Extension Programs for Extension Reforms” in the year 2005-06.

It was revamped, expanded and strengthened comprehensively in the year 2010& 2014. Coverage of the scheme was increased in a phased manner.

It is currently operational in 676 districts. The 12th Plan Approach Paper identifies several challenges faced by the agricultural extension and also gives suggestions to deal with the same.


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